Love Story at A Land Farm

Love Story

"Where are you going?"

"Next to the hill."

"Is there any much grass there?"

"Of course. The grass was good."

Sakimin and Sukir raised some cows at home. Every day they went to a land farm. In their village, it was free to take some grass or other wild plants around the land farms. Some times they took hays, the remains of rice after harvesting. Sukir used to take some grass near a big river, but the owners of the land farms there had just finished sprayed the farms with pest control. That was dangerous for the cows. It even could kill the cows.

"I join you."


Both went to that area. It was too early, the grass was still wet. But, if they didn't go early, they would be outdistanced by others. They could relax there before grassing. After walking for a few minutes, both arrived. They saw some farmers had been working. "Mrs. Wandy has been here," Sukir said.

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"Yeah, every morning."

"Being a single mom now."

"Yeah. She was managing her farmlands alone."

"Where is Farhan?"

"He was working with Mr. Karim now."

"Ow, why?"

"I don't know; after Mr. Wandy died."

Both were sitting on the ricefield edge and faced to west. That widow looked busy throwing some weed on her farmland. Sakimin looked at her while enjoying the wonderful view of the landscape. He suddenly remembered his wife at home. The widow looked far more beautiful than his wife. He married his wife without love. He was pessimistic to find a beautiful girl, he thought no need to find beautiful one, he just needed a friend on bed. But, it seemed very happy if he slept with a beautiful wife.

The sun rose, both started grassing. Both wore the hat to cover themselves from the heat of the sun.

"Rich woman doesn't need a man," Sukir said.

"Ah, you're wrong. She is still normal."

"Hahahahaaa... You're right."

"She still needs a man to accompany her on her bed."

"Hhahahaa... Who?"

"I don't know."

--> to be continue

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